Apanemi Mansion

Just 900 meters from the main port of Hydra, in the small, quiet and picturesque fishing port of Kamini bay sits the traditionally made of stone “Apanemi Mansion” 20 meters from the sea.

“Apanemi Mansion” is a large and traditional Hydra house in a privileged position that combines comfort and style, offering you unique and breathtaking views of Kamini bay.  The welcoming host is waiting for you to come and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the countryside offering his services with love.

“Apanemi Mansion” features comfortable, spacious rooms. “Katerina” and “Anastasia” are double bed rooms and the “Margarita” is a large triple room. The Reception “Liana” (Constantina – Evangelia) fastened to the elevated cliff above the orchard with fruit trees such as Lemons, Oranges, Pears, Pomegranates, Apricots, etc. with its own porch. Each room individually reflects its own traditional style of the house; all are furnished mainly with old furniture and traditional iron beds while providing you with all the modern amenities, free high speed Wi-Fi, LCD TVs, refrigerators, air conditioning, jacuzzi, orthopedic mattresses and secured glazing. 

You will fall in love with the picturesque island of Hydra which is waiting to be discovered either on foot, by boat, or by donkey and is to be enjoyed for its clean beaches with crystal blue waters. To the right of Kamini bay, you can find the houses inspired by the great Greek painter Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas and the great Canadian writer, composer and singer Leonard Norman Cohen. As well as the preserved mansions of Admirals Andreas Miaoulis and Stamatis Bountouris, the mansions of Alexander and Antonis Kriezis who were wealthy ship owners. Lazaros and Pavlos Kountouriotis whose mansions are now the National History Museum housing relics, personal items and objects of the Kountouriotis family and showing exhibits from the Modern History of Hydra. All of whom were fighters of the Greek Revolution of 1821. The island of Hydra gave Greece five Prime Ministers.

Enjoy unforgettable holidays on Hydra throughout the year. Stroll along the cobbled alleys and paths, explore the splendid landscapes of the island peacefully, as here there are no cars and  “Apanemi Mansion” which was made with artistry and craftsmanship for a few and distinguished people but is welcoming for all.

Noble elegance, unique hospitality and modern amenities guarantee to make your stay pleasant and unforgettable.

The Apanemi Mansion in Kamini Bay on the island of Hydra
The Apanemi Mansion in Kamini Bay on the island of Hydra