Hydra island is only 30 nautical miles distance from the main port of Piraeus or 80’ minutes journey with fast ferries departing from Piraeus. Daily ferry services combined with arrivals from Athens International Airport – Eleftherios Venizelos which is located 55’ minutes away from Piraeus port. By car, the drive time from the Airport to Metochi located on the opposite coast to Hydra Island is about 4.5 hours and then 30’ minutes from Metochi by speedboat to Hydra.

The entire island of Hydra is protected by strict laws of the Greek State as a place of great natural beauty, the same laws which apply to the Parthenon, Delphi, and the islands of Delos, Knossos and nine other archaeological sites in Greece. The unique architecture of the stone mansions is remarkable, distinctive and preserved.

On the whole island of Hydra there are no cars and bikes allowed, nor solar thermal systems or aluminium frames. The mandatory roofs of the houses are wooden internally, and externally there is no use of concrete anywhere.  All the houses are covered with traditional roof tiles.

Hydra is still maintained as it was two centuries ago. As long as you live on Hydra, surely you ‘live’ life. The quality of life on the island with its constantly changing light, the sight of the turquoise sea and the sky combined with the scent of the 3,000 flowers, plants and trees on the island can make you escape and enjoy your stay.

Visit Hydra and you will certainly adore the majestic sunsets, its wooden boats, the patient donkeys and other friendly locals waiting to make your stay memorable. Come and discover the grandeur and history of Hydra’s Captains, Admirals, Heroes, five Prime Ministers, teachers of fine arts, and other distinct intellectuals, our churches and ship owners of Global Maritimes glorious eras.

Aerial view of the picturesque island of Hydra
Aerial view of the picturesque island of Hydra